Home Expansion

Home Expansion Project

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The Project

Client with growing family desired more garage space, as well as expanded living spaces and a home office. Solution was to create a carriage house type structure, utilizing two story parking with an office loft above. Previous garage was converted to a formal dining space...your detail comments...with a new facade treatment to introduce daylight and relate the new space to the front yard. Chris Kacena, AIA based the design on blending the additions with the existing structure while enhancing the overall house with new details such as copper roofing, timber brackets, and wrought iron railing.

The Details

The existing two car garage was inadequate for the clients’ vehicles. A variance was obtained to allow for a detached four car garage built on two levels. The new garage was connected to the existing house by a covered bridge. A home office occupies the third level. The office was finished at an executive level with cherry flooring, judges paneling and beams. The third level is complete with a full bath. The old garage was converted to a large dining room. The dining room features a walnut floor inlaid with large marble tiles. The old garage entry from the house was enlarged with a double French door with a palladium transom window above. An addition to the front of the new dining room adds light and hides the old garage front. During construction we identified poor soil conditions and sought out a soils engineer to provide a solution to the problem. Ultimately we dug out and disposed of 22 trucks of dirt and replaced it with gravel. Structural steel framing provided support for the second level garage floor. Copper roofs, wrought iron railings and cedar roof brackets give the additions, designed by Chris Kacena, AIA a prestigious feel.

After Remodeling

Before Remodeling