Elevate Your Home’s Accessibility

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August 7, 2018

Elevate Your Home’s Accessibility

As we get older, physical accessibility throughout a multi-story home can become a problem, especially if you also have to cope with an injury or surgery. Instead of considering a difficult (and costly) move to a single-story house, an in-home elevator might be the perfect solution; in fact, more homeowners are considering residential elevators a viable option to increase accessibility in their home.

Harbour Towne Construction would love to help make your life easier and more accessible, so consider these few options, such as cost, timing, and elevator style, before giving us a call.

1. Budget

First and foremost, having a residential elevator can be a lifesaver when you feel restricted in your own home, but it may not seem to be the most cost effective option for some families. Elevators themselves can run anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000, which doesn’t include installation or building a shaft. Furthermore, cost can even vary based on the number of floors in the home. The good news is that elevators have a wide variety of pricing, dependent on the type.

2. Needed Available Space

Many homeowners, when wanting to install an elevator, should take the time to consider the amount of space that is needed for not only the elevator shaft, but also for the mechanical equipment needed to run the lift. For example, because of the space required, traditional elevators systems can limit its location; however, many other types of elevators are more space-friendly.

3. Construction and Installation Time

Comfort is at the top of the list of many homeowners and tend to find the process invasive. Additionally, the renovation may lead to more expenses due to unforeseen complications. When exactly do you foresee needing to increase in your home’s accessibility and how you can adjust our living around construction to be as comfortable as possible? Any homeowner should determine the beginning to the project, as well as the rest of your timeline.

4. Types of Elevators and Lifts

Cable-Driven Elevator
One of the most well known elevators, largely used in commercial buildings, cable-driven elevators are operated by cable wound around a drum and have a range of complexities and space requirements. These elevators require a shaft and a machine room in order to operate. They are the most cost-effective option and can be easily added into existing homes with small modifications.

Chain-Driven Elevator
Similarly, a chain-driven elevator is operated by a chain wound around a drum. Because of chain over cable, these elevators are more durable and require less maintenance. They also do not require a machine room and, therefore, save space within the home.

Hydraulic Elevator
These elevators are powered by a piston that travels inside a cylinder, which is then pumped with oil to control the elevator. Although hydraulic elevators do not require separate machine room, they do require a pit dug below the shaft. Based on the existing home’s structure, digging this pit varies in cost; however, because of the simple shaft structure, they are easily fitted into an existing home.

Pneumatic Elevator
As the most costly of the elevator options, pneumatic elevators use a vacuum system within a tube to power it. These elevators are considered the most attractive because of their futuristic design and because they don’t require a pit or machine room, they are easily retrofitted into any home. However, given the attractiveness of these elevators, they are far more costly than other options.

5. Resale Value

Adding an elevator in your home will not only make your home more desirable to buyers interested in luxury additions, but it will also give you an advantage to buyers who are looking for homes that offer additional accessibility. For these reasons you are guaranteed to increase your home’s resale value.

If you are interested in adding an elevator into your home or have more questions about how to begin the process, please reach out to us at Harbour Towne Construction at (770) 455-1930 to talk with the most experienced remodelers in the industry. Harbour Town has experience retrofitting elevators into homes,  making the homeowner's lives easier and their homes more accessible.